Microvelias 07-09-2006
Microvelias in Spain

A somewhat hidden picture, but it gives a good impression of a Microvelia colony. I took it in the garden "Marimurtra" near Blanes, north of Barcelona (with a point-and-shoot digital camera, so there is a lack of detail). There are many larva. In the lower left corner there is a full winged adult. Two wingless adults are mating, more to the top in the middle. Top right is the empty skin of a midge pupa.

Microvelia Spain 7-9-2006 Microvelia larva older and young, Spain 7-9-2006

First picture: imago with silvery hairs on the thorax shield, second picture: a somewhat older larva and below right a very young one. Judging by the overlaying pronotum (thorax shield) these tiny bugs could be Microvelia pygmaea. That species is common in Spain, and seems to be migrating more to North-Europe. This goes for more insect species and is believed to be an indication of climate change.

Microvelia larva Spain 7-9-2006
Two larva on duckweed leafs.
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