Microvelia reticulata female
Microvelia reticulata ♀

To be honest I still have doubts on my determination of this Microvelia, because M. reticulata is sized up to 1.6 millimeters (wingless) and this tiny bug was almost 1.7 millimeters. What's more is that the red band must be interrupted in the middle and it is, but not convincing. The most important thing: the neck shield must be round and not curved in, and it is, but again: not convincing enough. Then the connexivum of the females of M. reticulata should be broad, and even that is not very clear with this bug. But you may judge yourself with the pictures here and eventually the very good key of Dr Wolfgang Raditsch, who has also a nice homepage about bugs (German and English).

Microvelia reticulata female  Microvelia reticulata female

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