Cymbiodyta marginella 08-10-2008
Cymbiodyta marginella

When I found this beetle I thought it might be a dark Enochrus species. But the book cleared the puzzle. The Cymbiodyta genus has 4-membered tarsi (feet) at it's middle and hind legs, while Enochrus has 5-membered. The pictures below show respectively the hind and middle leg of this specimen, the most right picture the middle leg of an Enochrus species.

Cymbiodyta marginella, hind leg 08-10-2008 Cymbiodyta marginella, middel leg 08-10-2008 Enochrus quadripunctatus, middle leg 01-06-2008

Below some more pictures of the same specimen. Mark the characteristic brown margins on the neck shield. The under side of the beetle is black.

Cymbiodyta marginella 08-10-2008 Cymbiodyta marginella 08-10-2008

1) De Waterkevers van Nederland (Drost, Nieukerken e.a.) (Dutch) KNNV publication

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