Piona longipalpis, male on watermoss 12-08-2013
Piona longipalpis
male - 2.4 mm

The (male) specimen of the firt page. The two pegs (setal tubercles?) on the left palp are well visible. The eyes are surrounded by a somwhat lighter coloured field, you may see this on other Piona species too, e.g. P. carnea.

Piona longipalpis, male on watermoss 12-08-2013

Above: another picture of the same specimen. Below: another picture of the femal specimen.

Piona longipalpis, female on watermoss 12-08-2013

The palps of the female seem a bit smaller, but as you can see below, they are quite sturdy.

Piona longipalpis, female palps top view 12-08-2013

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Piona longipalpis female 12-08-2013
page 1
Piona longipalpis 06-04-2011
page 2
Piona longipalpis, male underside 12-08-2013
page 4: the underside.

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